Villa Mana - Outdoor living


“Creating Lasting Memories with Elite Havens at Villa Mana” Creating Lasting Memories Expat Living Singapore, July 2020.
“21 of the most beautiful private pools in Bali.” ,December 2nd, 2019.
“A rice field retreat and beach pad in Bali.” The ultimate villa holiday in Bali,The Weekend Australian", July 8 -9 2017.
“Paduan material batu alam, kayu dan kaca, menjadikan villa ini terasa sangat homey dan hangat.” The Essence of Luxury Home Living Indonesia, Edisi 86, 2017
“From the moment you stroll through Villa Mana’s imposing wooden door and pass the waterfall murmuring softly in the entrance way the outside world is banished by what can only be described as your own private five‐star resort.” The Asia Villa Guide, Villa Mana, First Edition, 2011.
“…definitely a perfect choice for a serene holiday getaway.” Tropical Life Villa Mana Edition May – August 2011.
“…sulit untuk bisa membayangkan bangunan ini berada dilokasi lain dan tetap terlihat luar biasa” Frommer’s, Bali & Lombok, The Best Villas, 1st Edition.
"It is a super-spot for throwing a megaparty or just entertaining family and friends with plenty of room for the children to frolic." Frommer’s, Bali & Lombok, The Best Villas,1st Edition.
“Bali modern defined: Grey stone, black floor, soaring ceilings, immaculate lawn and verdant vista." Event Villas, LUXE Bali, LUXE City Guide, Villa Mana, Eighth Fabulous Edition
“Revolutionary architecture and interior design dominate this offering.” New Villa in Paradise, Fine Restaurants and Villas, Villa Mana, Edition 6.5 Feb – Mar ’10.
“Villa Mana and 108 Fashion Forward take us on a spin through Canggu lifestyle and Luxury Living.” Fine Restaurants and Villas, Where do you go?, Edition 7.1 June – July ’10.
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